Admin Activity status

Admin Activity status

Admin Activity status questions

1. How many hours do you spend working on server?

2. Interested in getting productivity information for company management? comes with a brand-new feature — a transparent and trusted activity analysis, which reveals the actual time spent on server administration by a Linux administrator. provides various graphs showing the load and activity of your server. Graph SSH working time monitors the activity of server users - Linux admins.

The red color shows the time when an individual worked on the server.

When does admin activity status help?

Whenever you need to report back your activity — to your boss, customers, for info about long-term trends, time spent on one particular server or a group of servers.

The graph shows the activity of one Linux admin during one day on three servers. SSH working time creates an output as a graph and a chart.

Would you like to know the working time of the server administrator?

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