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Who is Bijk for?

Bijk is for anyone who needs great performance overview of their servers.

Who is Bijk for?

1. Server Providers

Get a new service for your local market and be better than your competition. Add Bijk to every Dedicated server and Server Housing package.

You get real-time analysis of server load on your customer's servers and through cooperation, help them with upgrades according to HW needs - more RAM, HDDs, CPU changes etc.

You can also share graphs online for a competitive advantage - transparently show load to your customers. You will stand out from the competition and attract more clients.

2. VPS server providers

Connect Bijk to your VPS platform and your clients can automatically scale the speed of their purchased performance according to actual needs.

As a provider, you will earn more money from customers who have can have their servers upgraded automatically without any human intervention.

In our experience, launching Bijk on VPS servers increases sales performance by up to 22%. The implementation of Bijk is very simple.

3. Single users

Get a complete analysis of the operational status and stability of your website.

Bijk provides many graphs of server load, monitors the speed of your website loading and can issue free SMS and email alerts in case of potential problems.

4. Company group servers

If you manage multiple servers, Bijk prepares for you various views. Divide servers into groups (e.g. sql servers, web servers, etc.), compare various values in one graph (e.g. amount of SQL queries on each server and their trends).

One URL, one login and you get complete analysis of the load on all your linux servers.

You can also set up limited access to Bijk for your employees, management or clients. Limited access enables you to see only selected graphs.

Do you belong to one of the groups?

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