We regret to inform you that we are going to turn off the service as of June 30, 2023

What is Bijk?

Bijk is the smart monitoring tool for tracking the load of Linux servers.

How can Bijk help, and whom is it for?

In the Google age, when the success of many companies depends on speed and reliability, using Bijk.com speeds up your server and your sites, reducing downtime to almost zero.

Bijk is not an innovation. Bijk is a tool for any entrepreneur who runs his own server, or any Linux administrator who would like a satisfied boss.

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Performance Server Monitoring

Linux Servers

Bijk.com monitors and exposes impending problems on Linux servers, increases speed, availability and safes staff hours on a daily basis.

Bijk.com Cloud

Bijk generates live charts from 60 sensors from each server in world. CPU, Apache, MySQL, etc.

Server Admin Anywhere

Monitor past, present and future load in your browser., without any client. Prevent outage, overloading and speed reduction.

SMS Alerting

Server Overloaded? Bijk quickly and freely notifies your server administrators anywhere on the globe.

Why try Bijk?

  • find out why your servers are overloaded
  • fully hosted services
  • save 700 EUR/server on staff hours each year
  • get started in minutes
  • phone & email support

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